Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Refreshing Foam: Before & After Refreshing My Hair

Affordable curl refresher

When I was new to the curly girl method and embracing my natural waves, I tried refreshing my hair a few different ways. I tried using conditioner, I tried wetting my hair, I tried using oil. These were things I heard other curly girls were doing. My hair holds onto water like crazy. It takes me over an hour to diffuse my hair dry after a shower. So, I really don’t like refreshing with water because if I dampen my … Read the rest

Brushing Wavy Hair – Why It’s A Bad Idea! | Curly Girl Method

Naturally wavy hair without brushing

Brushing wavy hair may seem like a requirement to some. Everyone should brush their hair – right? That’s what I grew up believing. When people ask me what i’ve done differently to my hair (As a result of seeing changes in its appearance the last couple of years) it becomes a conversation about the curly girl method pretty quickly. One of the aspects of the curly girl method that tends to surprise people or put them off, is not brushing … Read the rest

Mousse Vs Gel For Curly or Wavy Hair | Curly Girl Method

Mousse vs gel for wavy hair curly girl method

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It’s been almost two years that I’ve been following the curly girl method now! My hair will have a true curl (ringlet) or two on it’s best days, but it’s primarily wavy hair not curly hair. Though most people don’t really differentiate between the two – if hair is clearly not straight most people call it curly. I get comments about my ‘curly hair’ all the time.

In my almost-2 years of … Read the rest

Curly Girl Method Reviews {Carol’s Daughter Pracaxi Nectar Curl Twist Custard}

I had purchased an amazon sample box several months ago. I was left with a $9.99 credit for select brands. There was only one curly girl approved haircare brand that I could spend the credit on. That brand was Carol’s Daugther. I’ve seen their products in my local stores, so I’ve always been a bit surprised that curly girl method forums seem to discuss Carols’ Daughter pretty rarely, as other brands that are curly girl approved and easily accessible in … Read the rest

Affordable Start To Curly Girl Method

Everything you need to start curly girl method for wavy hair

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Starting the curly girl method can feel a bit overwhelming! I did a lot of reading before I jumped in, and I’ve done a lot of googling since then! I like being frugal when I can, but I don’t want to compromise too much quality. I tried doing an extremely cheap curly girl routine to start, but I just could tell that some of the products were not working out well. I’ve since … Read the rest

How I got Second Day Wavy Hair With The Curly Girl Method

Second day hair curly girl method wavy hair

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Yesterday over n my other blog, Emily Reviews, I shared The Big Chop For Naturally wavy hair, and how my haircut improved my curly girl method results. Prior to my haircut, my curls and waves were going flat after way less than 24 hours, even if I didn’t sleep on my hair at all. If I slept on the crunch (pineappled) and scrunched out the crunch at 9am, by 2-3pm my hair … Read the rest

How To Pineapple Long Hair | Curly Girl Method

Pineapple long curly hair curly girl method

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I just got a major haircut today! However, I made a point of taking photos before my haircut to show you guys how to use the pineapple method to preserve your curls while sleeping. When I first started the curly girl method, I quickly read about how to do a hair pineapple, essentially leaving your curls on top of your head at night, so that your head does not flatten your curls or … Read the rest

Results After One Week Of Curly Girl Method

Curly girl method before and after results wavy hair 2a 2b 2c

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I’ve been using the Curly Girl Method for about 10 days as of right now. If you haven’t seen it already, check out the post titled Is your Straight Frizzy hair supposed to be wavy? to see the results I had from just plopping and scrunching my hair in the shower, before trying the curly girl method.

I have been doing ‘squish to condish’ on my hair, and plopping since then (about 2 … Read the rest

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