My Pug Has Pleural Effusion (Fluid In chest) and – Here’s What It’s Like

pug with fluid in lungs

We are less than 3 weeks away from having had our pugs for 7 years now. 7 years ago, we were told Beans was 9, so she’s about 16 now.

Since we got her, she’s always coughed occasionally. However, a few years ago it became frequent. We took her to the vet, they listened to her cough and listened to her chest, and diagnosed her with collapsing trachea. I’ve written a bit about that in these blog posts if you’d … Read the rest

Corgi Diapers – How To Get A Diaper To Stay On Your Corgi Dog

corgi diapers to stay on a dog

I have a few blog posts about the best fitting diapers for pugs and how to get dog diapers to stay on a pug.

Blog reader Rebecca James reached out saying she really valued from those posts eve though she has an adorable corgi dog named Cali. She used the basic idea for how to get a dog diaper to stay on a pug but made some adjustments to the idea to make it work for the much longer … Read the rest

Trachea Collapse And Incontinence In Pugs

pug tracheal collapse and incontinence

A few months back we were starting to worry that Beans may not have long to live. Granted, he is 14 years old so we realize she’s very old. However, we got particularly scared that her time left may be very short, because she went from quite healthy, to constantly coughing and having accidents in just a month or two! We had her excessive coughing diagnosed as trachea collapse and she was put on temaril p which is a cough … Read the rest

A Day In The Life Of A 14 Year Old Pug

day in the life of a 14 year old pug

Up until about six months ago, Beans was still in really good health. The only sign of old age she had then was she needed stairs to get up onto furniture. It’s declined quite a bit since then. She now is on medication for a leaky bladder, she is on a cough suppressant to make her more comfortable despite her collapsing trachea but she still coughs quite a bit, she struggles with incontinence, and she has limited sight. She also … Read the rest

Pug Names Idea List

cute dog names for pug puppies and adult pugs

When getting a pug puppy, deciding what to name your pug can be tough. You want to make sure it’s something you won’t regret as they get older. Pugs are rather silly, yet sweet dogs. Due to their silly nature, it just seems weird to think about going with traditional dog names like maggie, lucky, rocky or bear. Of cousre, you an if you want…but if you’re going with a really basic name you probably aren’t going to be looking … Read the rest

How To Get A Dog Diaper To Stay On A Pug

Pug dog diaper that stays on

My senior pug has had recurring UTI’s and occasional incontinence when she is fighting the infection. I recently shared how we’ve tried dog diapers and baby diapers for pugs, and we shared which ones worked best for us. That post is called Are Dog Diapers Or Baby Diapers Best For Pugs? As you’ll find out from that blog post, we definitely found that the size, style and fit of different diapers makes a difference in how long the diapers … Read the rest

Are Dog Diapers Or Baby Diapers Better For Pugs?

Do dog diapers or baby diapers work best for dogs

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Beans is 14 years old, and has been prone to urinary tract infections since we got her when she was 9 years old. Early on she only had 1 or 2 per year, and the last year or so, she’s had them almost non-stop. We have been working closely with our vet and are now trying hormone pills to hopefully assist. However, when she has UTI’s she sometimes has accidents. It’s sad because … Read the rest

Trachea Collapse In Pugs

Beans the pug trachea collapse

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Before we ever got a pug, I had read that trachea collapse is common in pugs. I knew that pugs should wear harnesses instead of collars to avoid pressure in their neck area. We’ve always used harnesses with both of our pugs.

A couple months ago, my pug Beans started choking or gagging a bit while eating her food. We had started a new type of dog food, so I thought it … Read the rest