Pug Bawling

Prior to getting my pugs Frank and Beans, I had no idea how dramatic pugs could be! I had spent plenty of time around other dogs, but never pugs. I always thought dogs basically could do a couple types of barks and whines and that was about it, noise-wise. It was surprising and funny to me to find out that pugs make all sorts of noises beyond just barking.

I love how expressive pugs are, I think it allows them … Read the rest

Can Pugs Be Left Home Alone All Day?

Pugs are typically clingy “velcro dogs” and they often struggle with separation anxiety. If you’re considering getting a pug you may find yourself wondering how long is reasonable to leave them home alone. Especially if your entire household works outside of the home.

Can Pugs Be Left Home Alone All Day?

Adult pugs should be physically fine if left home alone all day. Emotionally, it’s likely to be tough on them. Pugs were bred to be lapdogs, and prefer to Read the rest

Pug Bonding

Pugs are very social dogs. They’re often described as clingy or as being velcro dogs, even! Meaning if you’re planning to get a pug, you shouldn’t be super worried about whether or not you’ll bond. Chances are, you will bond pretty effortlessly. Still, it’s great to be prepared.

It’s also nice to analyze your bond with your pug because being conscious of your relationship may help you to improve it even more. There’s always room for improvement, right?

Do pugs

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Pug Being Distant

Pugs are known as clingy dogs. When a pug isn’t clingy, and isn’t just NOT clingy…but distant? That can instinctively raise concern. In some scenarios, a pug being distant is more concerning than in others. I thought I’d cover some different scenarios and explain how concerned I’d be about each.

Pug Being Distant After You Return Home

If your pug acts distant when you first return home, this is probably a response to their separation anxiety. They’re basically expressing that … Read the rest

Pug Can’t Bark?

If you’ve ever owned a dog that barks excessively, the idea of your dog not being able to bark might sound appealing in theory. I can understand thinking “I wish that dog couldn’t bark anymore!” when you’re exhausted from hearing constant barking. That’s really just a silly daydream, though.

Regardless of how much your dog used to bark, if you find that your dog loses their ability to bark, you’ll find yourself concerned. Or if you have a dog who … Read the rest

Pug Can’t Get Comfortable? How To Help

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Everyone in your house has settled down after dinner. Maybe you’re in your bedroom reading a book, while your kids are watching TV on the couch. Typically, when the humans in the house settle down, your pug gets cozy, too. Tonight you notice he just can’t seem to get comfortable.

It may be hard to know if you should be concerned or not, or how you can help. That’s what I’m going to … Read the rest

Pug Teeth Chattering – What Causes It

I used to occasionally see my pug Frank have teeth chattering. Basically, his jaw and teeth would shake against each other. It may be similar to what you envision when a cartoon person is extremely cold. I’ve recently learned that there are many reasons why pugs teeth chattering can occur. This post is going to cover the causes of pug teeth chattering.

He wasn’t chattering his teeth, here. I just thought it was a funny tooth-related photo. 🙂

Causes of

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Common Pug Health Problems

When reading this post, please keep in mind that by ‘common’ I don’t mean to suggest that a majority of pugs will have these conditions. Instead, this is a list of conditions that it’s not unusual to hear someone say their pug has. Some of these are more common than others.

Pugs are often seen as a breed that is unhealthy or has a lot of health problems. Pugs live an average of 12 to 15 years, so they have … Read the rest

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