Cinnamon Apple Pie With Flavorful Crumble Topping

Cinnamon apple pie with crumble topping

Around Thanksgiving I was looking for a homemade apple pie recipe. I had purchased a pre-made graham cracker crust and apples and I was hoping to pull a pie together from the other ingredients I had at home. I didn’t purchase a pie topping so I went looking for one I could make with simple ingredients and came cross this Crumble Topped Apple Pie recipe that I largely used, but tweaked slightly. It was the best pie I had ever … Read the rest

My Favorite Snacks While Eating Low Calorie

Low Calorie convenient snacks

I have always been a snacker. If I don’t pay attention to what I’m eating, it’s easy for me to snack most of the day and only eat one actual meal. Not good! I am very short so when I cut calories it is down to 1200 a day which doesn’t leave much room for 3 meals and snacks. However, I have learned over time that if I try to just do 3 meals at 400 calories each, I crave … Read the rest

Turkey Sausage Potato Veggie Skillet Meal

One of the difficulties we’ve had since trying to eat lower calorie meals, is finding meals to replace “heavy” meals. Particularly in the winter we just want “stick to your ribs” type meals sometimes. It’s hard to find hearty meals that aren’t really high in calories. This is one of our go-to fall or dinner meals that incorporates a good bit of veggies making it a bit more balanced but still providing a that hearty meal experience.


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Chicken Caesar Wraps – Quick, Easy, Affordable Meal

I’m 23. When I was 18 and first started doing my own grocery shopping, it was easy to find ground beef for sale for around $2.50 a pound, or sometimes as low as $1.99. Now the prices are between $3.50-$4.00 most weeks. I have always been a fan of chicken and my local grocery stores have boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.99 a pound on a regular basis. I didn’t have many meal ideas to use with chicken so I … Read the rest

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