My Favorite Snacks While Eating Low Calorie

Low Calorie convenient snacks

Easy low calorie snacks that are convenient

I have always been a snacker. If I don’t pay attention to what I’m eating, it’s easy for me to snack most of the day and only eat one actual meal. Not good! I am very short so when I cut calories it is down to 1200 a day which doesn’t leave much room for 3 meals and snacks. However, I have learned over time that if I try to just do 3 meals at 400 calories each, I crave snacks too much and end up ruining my plan. So, I try to make room for snacks. Here are my top go-to snacks that I eat while remaining calorie conscious.

Flavored sour raisins. I am obsessed with Sunmaid sour watermelon and sour strawberry raisins right now. I don’t like regular raisins so I am just shocked at how much I adore these. They almost seem like candy.

Yogurt. I like yogurt because it comes in so many flavors that it’s easy to keep changing it up, plus it has protein so it’s filling.

Pickles! Of course, they are high in sodium but they are so low in calorie that I consider them a ‘free’ snack so I use them when I don’t really have calories left but feel like I have to have something.

Low calorie flavored popcorn. I tried Skinny Pop first as I know a lot of people love that brand. I’ve found that I slightly prefer Smartfood delight in white cheddar instead. They taste about the same but Skinny pop has tiny kernels and ends up with a ton of crumbs/dust in the end. I like how Smartfood has larger kernels that don’t fall apart so quickly.

Green beans with garlic and onion seasoning. For some reason adding a bit of seasoning to green beans makes them much more exciting for me.

Veggie straws in cheddar cheese. I’ve tried the sea salt ones but found them too plain. The cheddar ones are nice and flavorful and you get a lot per serving.

Fruit! I refuse to let me feel bad about fruit. I find bananas to be too high in calories for how filling they are (or aren’t, I should say!) but I say ‘screw it’ and just ‘cheat’ calorie wise when it comes to fruit. Watermelon is my favorite in terms of calories, but I eat more apples and strawberries than anything else.

Cheetos or puffed rice “chips”. I could live on chips if I didn’t care about my health or weight. When I really, really want chips, veggie straws and popcorn don’t always suffice. So, I reach for puffed rice “chips” in flavors like sour cream and onion or cheddar, or cheetos because you get a lot of mass for fewer calories than regular chips.

Applesauce! Easy and yummy. The unsweetened versions are only 50 calories per cup.

Gum! Of course, this isn’t a snack but sometimes I am just bored more so than actually hungry. Sometimes gum does the trick.


What snacks do you use when eating low calorie? 


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