My Dad’s Seizure Experience | Epilepsy

My high school graduation dad erica

I’ve written quite a bit about my own seizure history and epilepsy diagnosis. Something that sometimes surprises people, is my dad also has epilepsy. Of course, everyone then wants to ask if it’s genetic and I really don’t know.

My dad’s seizure history is quite different from my own. In a nutshell, I had seizures from birth through my first year or so of life. I had a difficult birth and had a subarachnoid hemorrhage as a result of birth … Read the rest

Just seizures or epilepsy?

When I talk about how I’ve had seizures, or how I take seizure medication, I freely say that I have epilepsy. I have family members who have also had multiple seizures with an unknown cause, who avoid the word epilepsy. Some of them almost wince when they hear me say it. I think many feel that epilepsy sounds “worse” or more sad, difficult, etc than simply “having a couple seizures”. In reality, both are true for me. I had a … Read the rest

Anti-Epileptic Drugs and Kidney Function

I went in this week for my yearly well visit with my primary care doctor. I’ve been on Keppra (an anti-epileptic drug) since November of 2014. I was in for my yearly well visit in March of 2016. Yet it was just at this visit this past week that my doctor told me that she likes to do a yearly blood test on patients who are on anti-consultants. They can be hard on the liver or kidneys.

I don’t mind … Read the rest

Epilepsy And Alcohol

Last week I had my annual neurologist appointment. I have well controlled epilepsy so I have only have to go once a year. It’s been almost 2.5 years since my last seizure. When I first had seizures, the hospital I went to afterwards told me that alcohol is known to lower the seizure threshold. As a result, they told me I should avoid alcohol. To date, I haven’t drank since I was diagnosed with epilepsy, roughly 2.5 years.

My dad … Read the rest

Annual Epilepsy Appointment

I was officially a year seizure-free as of November 1st. When I started seeing my neurologist at the University of Michigan I was told they see patients quarterly for the first year after diagnosis. I had to cancelled and reschedule my spring/summer appointment due to vehicle trouble so I only had 3 appointments in my first year. However, I was excited to have an appointment in February that was considered my 12 month appointment because I knew there was a … Read the rest

Epilepsy or Seizures & The Emotional Roller Coaster

My dad had his first seizure when I was 10 years old. I remember being confused by his reaction to his developing epilepsy, and my family members felt the same way. He seemed to want to ignore what had happened, and he seemed to be in a mixture of complete denial while also being aware of it and just not caring enough or wanting to be careful enough. I was terrified for him. He lived alone, and I knew that … Read the rest

My First Sleep Deprived EEG

When I visited a regular family doctor the day after my first seizure, he had recommended that I get a sleep deprived EEG done. I had a second seizure just two days later, and was started on medication. I was also referred to a neurologist, so I expected to get in with a neurologist who would probably order a sleep deprived EEG at his hospital, and then my plan was to cancel the first sleep deprived EEG that I had … Read the rest

My second epileptic seizure

I’ve decided that a very necessary part of my series on seizures/epilepsy will be about emotions. That will be coming up at some point in the future.

I’ve been putting off this blog post for quite a while. Part of why I have put is off has been because I don’t want to re-hash the situation in my mind. Another reason is the fact that my memory of the whole 10 day period from about a day before my first … Read the rest