How I got Second Day Wavy Hair With The Curly Girl Method

Second day hair curly girl method wavy hair

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Yesterday over n my other blog, Emily Reviews, I shared The Big Chop For Naturally wavy hair, and how my haircut improved my curly girl method results. Prior to my haircut, my curls and waves were going flat after way less than 24 hours, even if I didn’t sleep on my hair at all. If I slept on the crunch (pineappled) and scrunched out the crunch at 9am, by 2-3pm my hair would be pretty flat!

Since getting my haircut and trying a new shampoo and conditioner, I’m now getting second day hair. I do not have a refresh routine at all yet, s it is frizzy, but I do not lose all my curls like I had been.

I am currently rotating between Not Your Mother’s Naturals Coconut Milk & African marula tree oil shampoo (I got mine at Ulta for $8.99) and As I am Coconut Cowash ($9.99 at My local Meijer). As a conditioner I’m using GVP Conditioning Balm from Sally’s ($6.99). I use less than a dime-size amount of Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-in Conditioner. I plop my hair for about 10 minutes after showering that my hair stops dripping. Then I use about 2.5 palmfuls of LA Looks mega hold gel ($2 or so at Walmart and Meijer).

wavy hair after scrunch out the crunch

My hair minutes after scrunching out the crunch on day #1, is above. My hair at the end of day #2 is below.

Second day hair curly girl method wavy hair

I like to wash and diffuse my hair at night and then sleep on the crunch while wearing a stain bonnet. I scrunch out the crunh after waking up the next morning, and wear that hair all day. Then I pineapple the next night, and wear the hair again all day on #2. It is now about 8:30 on night 2, and these photos were taken a couple of hours ago. I did nothing to refresh my hair at all. It is clearly more frizzy than it was yesterday, but for not having a refresh routine I am really happy!

I have tried using pure argan oil, just plain water, or conditioner mixed with water. The argan oil didn’t seem to help reduce frizz at all, it just looked roughly the same once the oil had dried. The water made my hair frizz up a LOT. The water and conditioner mixed also seemed to make my hair frizz worse. So, this is why I ma not refreshing at all for now. I’ll try other refreshing options like water-gels soon I hope. Still, I am really happy that my curls are not ‘melting’ after 2 full days!

If you have wavy hair I’d love to hear how you get day 2 hair and how you refresh to reduce frizz!

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