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Pineapple long curly hair curly girl method

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I just got a major haircut today! However, I made a point of taking photos before my haircut to show you guys how to use the pineapple method to preserve your curls while sleeping. When I first started the curly girl method, I quickly read about how to do a hair pineapple, essentially leaving your curls on top of your head at night, so that your head does not flatten your curls or cause tangles. I also read that having a satin pillowcase can help reduce frizz which most curly girls appreciate. When I tried following normal pineapple method tutorials, I was left with a ton of hair in my face because my hair was too long.

I sort of combined these two ideas, pineappling and the satin pillowcase, to come up with a way to pineapple my really long hair at night.

How to pineapple long curly hair

I start off by following the regular pineapple instructions. Tip yourself over with your hair upside down, then use a scrunchy (not a regular ponytail holder – the soft ones like from the 1980’s!) and probably just loop it twice though it may vary depending on the size of your scrunchy and the thickness of your hair. You do not want the scrunchy otobe tight on your hair because that will leave indents.

Pineapple long curly hair curly girl method

A pineapple with long hair looks more like a squid if you ask me. 

Essentially do a large ‘bun’ with the scrunchy at the back of the top of your head, so that the tips of your hair are then left on top of your head.

How to pineapple long hair at night

If your hair is longer than bra-length or so, you’ll find that your hair will fall in your face. So to get around that, I divide the hair in two pieces, and bend each side around, and clip them to the top of your head. Use loose clips so that they aren’t so tight as to dent your hair or make your curls misshapen. The ones linked are good for my thick hair, if yours is thinner you may want smaller clips.

How to pineapple long wavy hair

Once I have my hair clipped in place, I put on a satin bonnet. I bought two off of Amazon because several of them had bad reviews and I wasn’t sure what would be best. This one in the photos is really easy to put on, but the elastic is a bit tight so it squishes my face, as you can see. It does stay on all night though! Many of the other satin bonnets have reviews that say they fall off at night. The other one I bought ties closed so you can adjust the tightness which is really nice. It also stays on all night for me. The only downside is, you have to get your hair into it and then tie it before your hair slips out, which takes more coordination. I have a regular satin pillowcase but I don’t like how it feels against my cheek, so this is my solution for keeping my pillowcase from frizzing up my hair, but not having to have the satin on my face. Plus, I like how it helps hold my hair out of the way as well.

How to pineapple long curly hair

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