Influenster Bella VoxBox Review

*Influenster provided me with a Bella VoxBox. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been a member of influenster for over a year now. You don’t have to be a blogger to sign up, you just have to have social media accounts. You can apply for various “VoxBox” offers. If you get approved they’ll send you a box with some products to try out – completely free. The boxes usually have a theme, and once you test out the items you’ll … Read the rest

Guide For Moving Into An Apartment Or Rental House

When you’re considering moving into an apartment or rental house, whether its your first apartment or if you’re a renting pro, there are several aspects of moving that you could consider. I’ve separated them into three main categories – budgeting, red flags and to-dos.


Making sure that you can afford the apartment is important. Many budgeting experts suggest having your rent or mortgage payment be 30% or less of your monthly budget. So if your monthly take home pay … Read the rest

$17 for 26 Dog Chews – Haul & Review

*There is an affiliate link in this blog post.

When I adopted my two pugs about two years ago, they were used to getting rawhide chews. I researched online and quickly learned that rawhide chews are dangerous for dogs because they aren’t easy for dogs to digest. If dogs don’t chew their rawhide into tiny pieces before swallowing, the larger pieces can cause blockages in their digestive track and require surgery. So, I started researching alternatives. You can see my … Read the rest

July 2014 Dog Related Expenses

Our main expense this month was a trip to the vet which I will talk about in its own blog post.We had food remaining from months prior and didn’t buy any treats. We did place a “chewy” order and then I got tons of chewies for review (doesn’t it always work that way? lol). But of course, they love their chews so they’ll get used up in time anyway.

Vet visit – $47 and change.

Petflow “chewy” order – $15… Read the rest

April Pet Expenses

(32.66) 3 pack of frontline

(22.99) 20lbs of diamond naturals lamb meal & rice formula.

$24.97, Dremel. Just arrived yesterday, hoping it will cause less anxiety than traditional nail trimmers.

$8.57, bag of bully bites

Total out of Pocket for April: $89.17

I also got stuff for the dogs through blogging. I am going to keep track of what I get them through blogging but in a separate area. Some things I get through blogging are necessary and … Read the rest

Barkbox Monthly Subscription Box For Dogs Review

*There are affiliate links in this blog post.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs that includes toys and treats. I’ve been getting this box for my pugs Frank & Beans since November and we’ve really enjoyed it so far. I prefer it over the other dog subscription boxes because it doesn’t include grooming products or accessories. We have three bottles of dog shampoo already so we likely won’t use up what we have for a couple of years, … Read the rest

Mimi Green Dog ID Collars With Embroidered Names Review

*I was sent two complimentary dog collars from Mimi Green. All opinions are my own.

I moved to a new apartment in January so the information on my dogs old ID tags was going to become outdated. I never really was a big fan of the tags to begin with because their weight would pull down on my dogs collar which seemed like it would be annoying to them. I thought it was the only way to keep my contact … Read the rest

St Patrick’s Day Pugs

Happy Saint Patrick’s day. We are too lazy to dress up in green. Please don’t pinch us!


Read the rest