12 Ways To Make Money As A Blogger

When people first learn that I blog for a living, their first question is often “How does that work?” Meaning – how do you get paid. I’ve shared how much of my income comes from various sources in my blog post How I Make Money From My Blog. While that is a good example of the breakdown of my income sources, not all bloggers have a similar set-up. Some rely much more heavily on other income sources. I thought … Read the rest

Is Blogging For A Living Right For You?

There is a ton of content on the internet about how to blog for a living. It is possible to do. I have been a full time blogger for about three years now, though the first year I didn’t make the income of someone working full time (even at minimum wage). Now my yearly income is about that of someone earning $10 an hour, full time. While I have considered blogging my job for three years, I started blogging 8 … Read the rest

2017 Blogging Resolutions

2016 has gone by so quickly. I have read before that writing down goals increases the odds that you’ll succeed at meeting those goals. I am going to share my 2017 blogging goals here so I can reflect at the end of next year to see how things went.

For Emily Reviews:

  • I want to keep up our current blog post rate as a team.
  • I want to add in more content outside of reviews or giveaways. I am not
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A Day In The Life Of A Professional Blogger

Many people refer to people who blog for a living as professional bloggers. I blog for a living. My job is being a blogger. It has been my full time job for about two years now. Still, I’m not quite used to the title of professional blogger.

I hear from friends or family members that my job seems awesome. I get to work from home. I get “free” products sent to me from brands. I get paid to write blog … Read the rest

Sweepers – How To Help Bloggers Provide More Giveaways

On my other blog Emily Reviews, I run a lot of giveaways. As a result, I have some sweepers or sweepstakes addicts who enter my giveaways and occasionally email or private message me. They usually say things like “Thanks for posting giveaways so frequently!” or “I love your blog, you have GREAT giveaways!” etc.

I really enjoy hearing from my readers, whether it’s just a ‘thank you’ for a giveaway, or a deep, personal response to something else that I … Read the rest

How I Make Money From My Blog

I blog for a living. While most people are familiar with the term blog, they don’t realize that you can do it for a living. I also feel like there is a significant misconception about blogs. Many people think of blogs as online journals, or a place to write about your day and share photos of your kids. They see articles shared on Facebook by blogs like Scary Mommy, and maybe even share them themselves. They don’t quite connect the … Read the rest

Blogging Goals Update

It’s been a while since I have publicly shared what my goals are for each of my blogs. The last quarter of the year is extremely busy for me at Emily Reviews as a result of my holiday gift guide. I’ve spent a lot of emotional energy the last couple of weeks trying to come up with a plan for keeping up with both blogs during November and December. My goals for both blogs, but especially Frank Loves Beans, don’t … Read the rest

Blogging As An Introvert – How Blogging Has Improved My Self-Confidence

I remember being about 12 when my cousins husband (who had known me for years) finally saw me in a small group setting instead of a large group. I was talking non-stop and he had never seen that before. He said something like “I think I’ve heard you say more words tonight than in all of the times I’ve seen you until today combined!”

It’s very true that I talk a lot more in small groups than I do large … Read the rest