2017 Blogging Resolutions

2016 has gone by so quickly. I have read before that writing down goals increases the odds that you’ll succeed at meeting those goals. I am going to share my 2017 blogging goals here so I can reflect at the end of next year to see how things went.

For Emily Reviews:

  • I want to keep up our current blog post rate as a team.
  • I want to add in more content outside of reviews or giveaways. I am not yet sure how to accomplish this. I’m also not sure how to decide which categories to rely on. This is a discussion that I need to have with my writers.
  • I want to redo my layout and branding.
  • I would like to maintain or increase my income level.
  • I want to switch ad networks.
  • I want to update Instagram more often.


For Frank Loves Beans:

  • I want to change my blog name, URL, layout and branding.
  • I want to continue posting at least once per week.
  • I need to find a new promotional strategy. I’d like to find a better way to promote than Pinterest which is my main source right now.  Pinterest traffic has been going downhill pretty quickly so I’d like a new method before it fizzles out even more.
  • I’d like to include more personal photos.
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