Corgi Diapers – How To Get A Diaper To Stay On Your Corgi Dog

corgi diapers to stay on a dog

I have a few blog posts about the best fitting diapers for pugs and how to get dog diapers to stay on a pug.

Corgi diapers - how to get a dog diaper to stay on a corgi

Blog reader Rebecca James reached out saying she really valued from those posts eve though she has an adorable corgi dog named Cali. She used the basic idea for how to get a dog diaper to stay on a pug but made some adjustments to the idea to make it work for the much longer torso that corgi’s have. She also found that although Cali is a similar weight to pugs (she’s 20lbs) she needed a larger diaper size (I use 2/3T on my pug) because Cali has too thick of thighs/upper legs to fit the 2/3T size. She loved the easy ups for dogs though, just like we do. Here are some photos of how she rigged up a system to keep a diaper on Cali. She said it works great and her girl doesn’t try to bite at the diaper or otherwise get it off. All photos in this post belong to Rebecca James though she gave me permission to use them to create this blog post. I thought it would likely help other corgi owners!

She bought a soft harness so it would be comfortable for all-day wear.

Corgi harness

Then she used string to attach the diaper to the harness.

corgi diapers to stay on a dog

How cute is that!!

Corgi diaper stay on your dog

She used this for her dog’s 3-week heat cycle with absolutely no issues. They were able to cut holes for the string at the waist, and cut areas in the side to make more space for her hips and the diaper still held up well, it didn’t continue to tear past where they had cut or anything like that.

Thank you Rebecca for sharing these and allowing me to share this post to help corgi owners!



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