Blogging For A Living Can Be Lonely

I think one of the more difficult parts of being a blogger isn’t really the job itself but is in finding people who can understand your daily life. I am a part of many Facebook groups where I can network with other bloggers and we help to promote each other. I’ve failed to make any true friendships through them though. Occasionally a blogger has emailed me or send me a private message on Facebook. The reason those didn’t turn into … Read the rest

Five Relationship Truths I Wish I Realized Earlier

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Ryan and I started dating really young. I was 16 when he first asked me to be his girlfriend. I wouldn’t admit it to anyone because I knew they would think I was naive, et I really thought we had a truly special connection. I didn’t think this was a high school romance. Almost 11 years later I feel a bit more confident in admitting those feelings because clearly, we really did have something special to have made it through … Read the rest

Depression, Gratitude and Art

I had terrible depression a younger teenager. It’s improved a lot as I’ve gotten older. I did therapy for several years, and just growing up and being able to control my life and who I let close to me has made a huge difference. I still jut have days on occasion where my head just seems to be stuck in a raincloud. Sometimes it happen after a difficult event or a lot of stress. Other time it feels rather random. … Read the rest

My 3 Favorite iPad Apps {that are free}

One of the ways I like wasting my time is playing app games on my iPad. It can be tough to find games that aren’t childish or repetitive. I’ve also found that many app games will be fun for a while, but after a certain point they become nearly impossible to keep playing without paying for in-app purchases to get ‘coins’ or ‘gems’ or something like that to keep going. I thought I would share my top three favorites, that … Read the rest

PMS In A Relationship: How We Cope

So this post is about PMS! I assume I don’t really need a disclaimer, but just in case I do – please know this post is a bit personal and vulnerable. If you don’t want to hear about my PMS then please don’t read further.

I feel as if I’ve just always had a sensitive personality. It didn’t take much to hurt my feelings even as a little kid. I feel this is still true of me as an adult. … Read the rest

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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  1. I have 12 siblings! 5 half-siblings through my dad, 5 step-siblings through my stepdad, one full blooded sister, and one sister through my mom and stepdad!
  2. My first online blog was through OpenDiary when I was in middle school. I also had Xanga while in middle or high school. I’ve been a blogger in some form or another for most of my life now!
  3. Despite sharing my life online daily for several years now, I hate being on video. I
Read the rest

Meijer Shipt Grocery Delivery Review & $10 Off!

The town we live in only has two options for fresh groceries. Walmart or Meijer. We almost exclusively shop at Meijer, and are always happy with the quality and service we get there. Sometime around the beginning of the year, we heard that Meijer was partnering with Shipt to make it possible to have Meijer orders delivered to your door. Shipt hires people who will take your shopping list, buy your groceries and deliver them to you. The service typically … Read the rest

My 27th Birthday

I had my birthday on Thursday. Last Monday I went shopping with my mom, using birthday money she gave me. I was excited to go to Sally’s to purchase their generic value products conditioning balm that I kept reading other curly girl method people rave about. We also stopped into Ulta and I got Not Your Mother’s Naturals Coconut shampoo, which is curly-girl friendly and is known to be ‘light’. I thought the shampoo I had been using (shea moisture) … Read the rest