Pug Limping After Sleeping

When my pug Beans was about 11 years old, I noticed she would limp after sleeping. Most of the time she’d only walk with a limp for a few minutes after standing up. It seemed to be worse if she had slept for a long time (such as overnight) vs if she had just taken a short nap. In all cases, she’d go back to walking her normal way after a short time period.

I brought it up with the … Read the rest

Pug Cone Of Shame

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We lucked out and managed to have our two pugs for over 7 years without either of them requiring a cone of shame. However, sometimes they are needed. You probably know that pugs shouldn’t wear collars, so you may be wondering how to handle a cone of shame with a pug.

Can Pugs Wear A Cone Of Shame?

Pugs can wear a cone of shame. It shouldn’t be too tight around their neck, Read the rest

Pug Crying | Why Pugs Cry & How To Help

Can Pugs Cry?

Pugs can “cry” in the sense that they can of make a whining or whimpering sound to express that they need something, are hurt or upset. 

Pugs can also bawl or scream! I have a post on pug bawling or pug screaming if those are what you were looking for.

Can Pugs Cry Tears?

While pugs can use sounds to express their distress, they won’t cry tears when upset, the way humans can. Their eyes do shed Read the rest

Pug Drooling

Do pugs drool a lot?

Pugs drool some, but on average, pugs don’t drool more or worse than most other dog breeds. 

Many other brachycephalic breeds (such as bulldogs) drool excessively, but most pugs don’t. My two pugs almost never had visible drool.

Normal dog drooling is for their mouth to stay wet, and perhaps for their chin to be a bit damp at times, as a result of the drool. If your dog’s face stays wet frequently that is … Read the rest

Pug Constantly Hacking

What is a hacking cough?

A hacking cough is a dry, persistent cough.

If this isn’t what you meant by ‘hacking’, scroll down this post a few subheadings to see possible causes of non-hacking coughs.

What if your pug is constantly hacking?

If your pug is constantly hacking, you should visit your vet to get them examined. It could be helpful to take a video clip of your pug hacking so your vet can hear what it sounds like, even … Read the rest

How To Tell If Your Pug Is Going Deaf

Is Hearing Loss A Normal Sign Of Aging?

Not all dogs go deaf with old age, but it is commonly seen with aging. Hearing loss in older dogs is usually caused by nerve degeneration from aging. It’s sometimes called geriatric hearing loss.

Is Deafness In Dogs Common?

According to the AKC, it’s estimated that 5 to 10% of dogs are deaf, so it is fairly common. It’s most common in dogs with piebald (spotted) colored genes dogs and merle … Read the rest

Can Pugs Get Depression? Signs, Causes & How To Help

Can Pugs Get Depression?

Seems how pugs can’t talk to us, we can’t know for sure if pugs (or any dogs) get depression. However, many veterinarians who specialize in dog behavior believe they can and do. 

Why Do Pugs Look Sad?

Some people feel that pugs always look sad. I’ve never really understood this, personally. I think pugs often look quite happy! My two pugs both seemed to “smile” quite a lot. My theory is that some people see pugs … Read the rest

Why Is My Pug Always Hungry?

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Why is My Pug Puppy Always Hungry?

Pug puppies grow really rapidly until they are around 9 or 10 months old. Puppies younger than that have bigger appetites because they are growing pups! It is normal for puppies to eat more food for their size (based on their weight) than adult pugs.

If you think about it, human babies eat a lot for how little they are, too!

Beans’ backend fell between two Read the rest

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