What Appliances Do Apartments Comes With

When you’re renting an apartment, it’s important to know what appliances come with it. However, what’s included can vary depending on where you live. Nobody wants to move in and realize they’re missing a key appliance like a refrigerator or stove. Here’s what you can generally expect to find in a rental apartment, but keep in mind that regional differences can exist.

Essential Apartment Appliances

Refrigerator: In most regions, you can count on having a refrigerator in your rental apartment. It’ll usually be a standard size with a freezer compartment. However, in some areas like Los Angeles, it’s not uncommon for apartments to not come with a refrigerator provided. In these cases, you might need to purchase your own or use a rental service.

Stove/Oven: Cooking up a storm is no problem in rental apartments, as you’ll typically find a four-burner stove with an oven underneath. The size of the stove can vary depending on the size of the kitchen, but you can usually count on having something to cook on.

Heater: You’ll also want to check if the apartment has a heating system. Most apartments will have central heating, but some might have individual units in each room. I’ve rented two duplexes that had radiators running along the baseboards in each room.

Thermostat: To control the temperature of your apartment, you’ll need a thermostat. Most apartments will have a thermostat that controls the central heating and air conditioning system. In multi-unit buildings, there is a small risk that you won’t be able to set your own temperature.

Optional Appliances In Apartments

Microwave: Want a quick and easy way to make popcorn or reheat leftovers? Some rental apartments will include a microwave, but others won’t. If it’s not provided, you might need to pick one up yourself.

Dishwasher: Don’t want to wash dishes by hand? You might luck out and find a dishwasher in your apartment. This is becoming more common in newer apartment buildings, but it’s not a given. If you rent an apartment without a built-in dishwasher, you could try a countertop one.

Washer and Dryer: Laundry day can be a lot easier if you have access to a washer and dryer in your apartment. Depending on the apartment complex, you might have a shared laundry room or your own machines.

Water Heater: Hot water is essential for showers and doing dishes, so you’ll definitely want a water heater in your apartment. It’ll usually be located in a utility closet or separate room.

Garbage Disposal: Disposing of food waste is a breeze if your apartment has a garbage disposal. This isn’t always included in rental apartments, but it’s becoming more common in newer buildings.

Air Conditioning: Depending on where you live, air conditioning can feel essential for your comfort. In warm climates like the US south, most apartments will include air conditioning or a window A/c unit. In other climates like the midwest, most apartments won’t have AC included.

Small kitchen appliances: Most rental apartments don’t come with toasters, microwave ovens, air fryers, blenders or any other small kitchen appliances. These are usually appliances that you’ll need to purchase if you want them while renting.

My countertop dishwasher

What if an included appliance breaks while I am renting?

Uh oh, something broke! If an appliance that was included in your rental agreement breaks, don’t panic. Just let your landlord or property manager know as soon as possible. Depending on your lease, it might be their responsibility to fix or replace the appliance.

Consider keeping record of when you contacted the landlord about the appliance. This way, if they don’t assist you with getting a repair in a timely manner you’ll have record of it.

Sometimes, if the damage was caused by your own carelessness, you might have to pay for repairs or replacement. However, check your lease agreement to see what your responsibilities are.

If it’s the landlord’s responsibility to fix the appliance, they’ll usually arrange for a repair person to come to your apartment. Just make sure to provide access and follow any instructions they give you.

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