His Name Was Wayne

My dad’s birth certificate says Jonathan Wayne but for much of my life I nearly forgot that his legal name wasn’t Wayne. Nobody ever called him Jonathan. He was always Wayne.

As a kid, sometimes salesmen would call his house asking for Jon and we’d laugh at the sneaky attempt to disguise themselves as a friend or family member calling. It was a decent guess to think that someone named Jonathan might go by Jon – but my dad never … Read the rest

His SupraPubic Catheter Fell Out & The Catheter Site Almost Healed Shut

suprapubic cathether fell out

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What a day.

I have a large backlog of prostate cancer-related … Read the rest

Being A Cancer Caregiver For My Father Without Parenting Him

Last summer when my dad was told that he no longer was having success with hormone-related medication to treat his prostate cancer, he knew he was basically opting for comfort care from there on out. That’s when he suggested that my boyfriend and I move in with him. With me working from home, I would be able to be with him almost all the time. He didn’t need much practical help, he just didn’t like being alone more than anything … Read the rest

PSA Level Over 100 – Prognosis

PSA levels over 100 initial psa over 100

It’s been a long time since I’ve been active on this blog. The main reason is that my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September of 2018. It’s turned my word upside down. My priorities had to change. Now I’m i a palce where I’m ready to come back to blogging here at Frank Loves Beans more regularly even though life still feels chaotic a lot of the time. I plan to still blog about my pugs, the curly … Read the rest