10 Fun Facts About Pugs Every Pug Lover Should Know

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Pug Fact #1 – Instafamous Pug
The 2nd most followed insta-dog is a pug: Doug the Pug. This pooch has a whopping 4 million followers, which is particularly impressive given just how many pet accounts there are out there. Doug is certainly living his best life, whether it’s enjoying burger & fries or chilling on a sunset cruise. You could say he’s unst-pugable!

Pug Fact #2 – Dog of the Royals
Pugs were the pooch of choice for royals. China’s Emperors were extremely fond of pugs and heavily pampered them. In fact, some royal pugs even had their own personal guards, servants, and private residence! It is said that when the Dutch started trading with China, sailors smuggled some pugs back to Europe, and pugs quickly gained popularity with the nobility there as well. Some of the most notable pug fans are Queen Victoria, Empress Josephine Bonaparte, and Marie Antoinette. In addition, the pug is the official dog of the House of Orange after Pompey the Pug historically saved his master Prince William.

Pug Fact #3 – Will Win the Olympics for Sleeping
Pugs are olympic-level sleepers. They sleep for an average of 14 hours a day, meaning they’re always down for cuddles and a nap.

Pug Fact #4 – Will Also Win the Olympics for Snoring
Pugs can snore louder than a grown man. This is because their nasal cavity is shorter than those of other dogs (brachycephalic breed), and thus has their airflow is more restricted. The air resistance is so much greater for pugs that they have to force the air out when they exhale, hence the loud snoring. How loud is loud? One pug owner tested it and we’re talking about ~96 decibels, that’s louder than your

Pug Fact #5 – Smushed Face Drawbacks
Their cute “smushed face” is unfortunately associated with breathing problems, due to the shortened nasal cavity mentioned previously. This makes it a bit more difficult to fly with them as opposed to flying with non-brachycephalic dogs. Furthermore, their breathing problems handicap them when it comes to swimming and makes them prone to overheating, so owners need to take extra care during the summer.

Pug Fact #6 – Are the OG Dog
Pugs are the oldest breed of dog, with records dating back to 400 BC. The description of pugs in the records is aligned with the features that we see today. Quite amazing to think that the breed has remained generally unchanged over such a long period of time.

Pug Fact #7 – Emma, the Usain Bolt of Pugs
There is an annual International Pug Race in Berlin where pugs race it out for the title of “fastest pug” Emma, dubbed the “Bolt of Pug Racing” won in 2018 by clearing the 50 metre dash in under six seconds, which makes her running speed approximately 18.6 miles per hour. This is significantly faster than the average running speed for pugs, which is around 3-5 miles per hour.

Pug Fact #8 – Cutest Grumble
A group of three of more pugs is called a “grumble”. It’s theorized that this is because they snort, grunt, and grumble throughout their days.

Pug Fact #10 – Had a Secret Society
In 1740, Roman Catholics in Bavaria founded a secret society dubbed “Order of the Pug”. To be initiated, new members had to wear dog collars and get down on all fours. They were then led in and barked at by the established members.

Which of these fun facts about pugs surprised you the most?

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