To My Email Subscribers: Customize Your Email Feed

Hey guys. This post is for my email subscribers. When you signed up for my emails, it was an all or nothing deal. So you signed up, and now you get an email for every blog post I write.
However, I blog about a lot of things, and I recognize that many of you may have subscribed just for one or two categories. For example, maybe you subscribed because you want to see my curly girl method blog posts, and you don’t care to read my posts about my dad’s prostate cancer. I can definitely understand that, and I want to keep you from getting any notifications you don’t want. So I am going to change email newsletter providers, so that I will be able to sent you JUST the blog posts that suit the categories you’re interested in. However, in order to make that happen for those of you who have already subscribed to me, I need you to fill out this form. Just let me know the email address that you subscribe with, and check off the categories that interest you.

Follow this link to fill out a form in another window.

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