10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

hyper elastic skin back of hand eds ehlers danlos syndrome
  1. I have 12 siblings! 5 half-siblings through my dad, 5 step-siblings through my stepdad, one full blooded sister, and one sister through my mom and stepdad!
  2. My first online blog was through OpenDiary when I was in middle school. I also had Xanga while in middle or high school. I’ve been a blogger in some form or another for most of my life now!
  3. Despite sharing my life online daily for several years now, I hate being on video. I can’t imagine vlogging!
  4. I went to college for Early Childhood Development for about two years, and then for a human services degree for a semester.
  5. I’m 27 and have never had cable or satellite television as an adult.
  6. I don’t like chocolate.
  7. For a few years I ran an Etsy store where I sold stuffed “monsters” that I made.
  8. I have extremely stretchy skin. I now know this is due to ehlers danlos syndrome. As a kid, I was not diagnosed but it was a ‘party trick’ of sorts. If I showed one kid my stretchy skin, they’d later bring other kids who wanted to see as well.
  9. I really enjoy crafting even though I’m not particularly skilled. I also enjoy art, but I don’t put much weight into what art is good or bad objectively. I just like what visually appeals to me without any deeper explanation.
  10. I started dating my boyfriend at 16. I am now 27 and we’ve been together almost 11 years already!

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