Meijer Shipt Grocery Delivery Review & $10 Off!

The town we live in only has two options for fresh groceries. Walmart or Meijer. We almost exclusively shop at Meijer, and are always happy with the quality and service we get there. Sometime around the beginning of the year, we heard that Meijer was partnering with Shipt to make it possible to have Meijer orders delivered to your door. Shipt hires people who will take your shopping list, buy your groceries and deliver them to you. The service typically costs $99 a year, but it was recently half off. We have had some vehicle trouble and are currently sharing a car with a family member, leaving us without a car some of the time. We thought $49 for a year of grocery delivery didn’t sound too bad!

We placed an order for around $75. If you order less than $35 worth of product there is a $7 delivery fee, but orders over $35 are free if you pay for the yearly membership. So, our delivery was free. The downside to Shipt is they do not give you the sale prices currently going on at Meijer. However, they do have their own, unique sales. I was really impressed by how affordable some of the items on the Shipt app were, some I thought were slightly cheaper than in store, many were on-par with typical store prices, and some were a bit higher, or even a LOT higher. I do recommend that you look closely at your options. We ordered a bag of Meijer brand potato chips, and the regular size of chips was listed for $3.99, but the larger, family-sized (or party sized?) bag of Meijer brand potato chips – exactly the same chips, just in a larger size, was just $3.49. So to get the most bang for your buck, be sure to compare sizes. I think overall, the cost of items was perhaps 10-15% higher than in store. Ryan was interested in getting alcohol for the weekend, and we were surprised to learn we were able to order that through Shipt in addition to our fresh, frozen and shelf-stable groceries.

When we placed our order, it just took a few minutes for the app to update to say someone had claimed our order. It arrived about an hour later, and we live maybe 5-10 minutes from the store. We used the items delivered to us to make dinner that night! It will be really nice to be able to use Shipt to have items delivered the same day that we plan to cook things, if we want. The app does request that you tip your delivery person, so that also adds more expense vs in-store shopping, but the convenience was really nice.

We tend to stay on the more frugal side, so I don’t think we’ll be using Shipt very on a weekly basis or anything like that. However, we thought it was a nice way to get the groceries we needed (well and honestly, some of it was just wanted!) in just an hour, on a day when we didn’t have a vehicle. I can see us using it here and there when we don’t have a car, or perhaps when we are sick.

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