Teen Mom 2 This Season

I’ve watched Teen Mom 2 since the beginning. Like any reality TV show, I get that drama is a somewhat significant part of the TV show. But this season so far has been absolutely awful. The episode I just got done watching “Drama’s for Nerds, Part 2 Hallway To Hell” was easily the worst, most pointless episode on Teen Mom.

Kail said multiple times that ‘she didn’t sign up to be on Jerry Springer’ which yes, was an annoying comment because she was a significant piece of the drama. But watching it really did feel like they were trying to do a jerry springer kinda thing. There was no real storyline, just constant jumps from one girls argument to another. It had nothing to do with the lives of these mothers with their kids, it was their arguments with other cast members.

Maybe some people who like reality TV shows will be interested in any kind of drama, but I was so bored by it, it felt so petty and I had no emotional attachment whatsoever. I had seen people arguing over who was ‘truly’ to blame – Kail or Bri for a few days before I caught the episode. After watching it, I’m surprised people even have strong opinions on it. They both looked terribly immature and childish. I think Kail looked a bit better because she tried to get away from it (sort of, anyway) while Bri seemed to keep poking it on purpose. But it was just a really pointless episode in general. I really hope they do not stick with this style of episodes moving forward.

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