Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Update Error Check Store Update To Latest Version Problem

One of the games I love to play on my iPad is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I’ve gotten an update to latest version error on pocket camp many times in the few months that I have played the game. I get stuck in a loop between being told to check store, and then once in the store, it tells me the app recently updated and it does not show any update as available. I just loop between the two, seemingly stuck. I thought Pocket Camp updated, without the game recognizing that it was finished.

In the past, I’ve waited a few days for this check store update to finally go away. I finally found the solution, so I thought I would share it in case anyone else has this pocket camp latest version update error. Instead of opening the app, go to the app store. Click on “updates”. I did this before, but it did not show any updates as being available for this app, which is why I thought it was broken. However, if you slide down from the top, it will update that page, and that causes it to refresh the app store and will make a new update version available. Once you update and let it download in the app, the app works!

A silly error, but I’m glad to finally have a quick and easy solution.

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