Pet Hedgehog Food – Can Hedgehogs Eat Cat Food?

Henry the hedgehog

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In response to my other pet hedgehog themed posts, I often get asked ‘can hedgehogs eat cat food?’

The answer is yes, but please do not just run off to the store and buy any old cat food. Hedgehogs need a high protein and low fat diet. Some cat foods have a nutritional balance that is good for hedgehogs, but others don’t. Many cheap cat-foods do not provide ideal nutrition for hedgehogs, because they are too low in protein and/or too high in fat. If you are used to buying affordable cat food for your cats, you may be surprised at how pricy some of the cat foods that are acceptable for hedgehogs are. However, hedgehogs are tiny so even a 5lb bag of cat food will last a hedgehog quite a long time.

Hedgehog food can pet hedgehogs eat cat food

I recommend that you check out this Dry Cat Food List for pygmy hedgehogs. Please be sure to note that a LOT of the foods listed on here are not okay for hedgehogs. The ones listed in green are, the ones in black are not.

I went down the list and compared prices on Amazon. I found four in about the $12-19 range, for 4 to 6 pound bags, making these the best deals from the approved list.

Those are:

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  • We have a pet hedgehog too and it’s been the best pet for our family! My daughter wanted one for years and was ecstatic when they were finally allowed in Arizona! Our hedgehog, Skittles, eats cat food and snacks on mealworms.

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