First Apartment Household Essentials Checklist

It’s a big undertaking when you get your first apartment. You find yourself needing a lot of items right at once! It can be expensive to purchase everything you need for your first apartment, especially if you just paid a hefty deposit and the first month’s rent! When I got my first apartment, my mom bought me a few bags of household essentials as a housewarming gift of sorts. It was so thoughtful and appreciated! If you know someone who is getting their first apartment then putting together a gift basket of items from my apartment essentials checklist would make a great practical gift.

First apartment essentials printable checklist


First Apartment Essentials

  1. Storage and freezer bags in various sizes
  2. Cling wrap
  3. Tin foil
  4. Parchment paper
  5. Trash bags
  6. Plastic grocery bags
  7. All-purpose cleaner
  8. Wipes
  9. Febreeze
  10. Oven cleaner
  11. Toilet bowl cleaner
  12. Shower cleaner
  13. Clothing hangers
  14. Mop pads
  15. Dish soap
  16. Dishwasher detergent
  17. Laundry detergent
  18. Rubberbands
  19. Batteries in common sizes
  20. Lightbulbs
  21. Paper towel
  22. Toilet paper
  23. Toothpaste
  24. Mouthwash
  25. Floss
  26. Shampoo
  27. Conditioner
  28. Regularly used hair products (spray, gel, etc)
  29. Shaving razors
  30. Shaving cream
  31. Commonly used over the counter medications (headache, allergy, sinus, etc)
  32. Q-tips
  33. Cotton balls
  34. Contact solution
  35. A nail care set
  36. Shower poof
  37. Body lotion
  38. Bandaids
  39. Triple antibiotic ointment
  40. Ice pack
  41. Toilet plunger
  42. Toilet brush
  43. Chip clips

If you want to print this list, here is a PDF –> Printable Checklist For First Apartment

If you’ve thought of things I forgot please let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

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