If You Like Johnny Cash You Will Like

I grew up on country music. As an adolescent I steered towards rock and emo. Then a few years ago I found myself on a new path. It started with a desire to listen to some old country songs. I started off on Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson, and discovered John Prine, Kasey Musgraves, Jason Isbell and others. Over the months and years I’ve continued to evolve from there. So, I’m not saying this music is all similar (it’s not) but I’ve found this all to be my style of music. At it’s core, I tend to seek out songwriters who perform their own music. I like songs that are about everyday people or everyday scenarios but have meaning. I am really turned off by most music that resembles pop or is designed for dancing. I have a lot of people tell me the music I like is “sad”. Others are political. I suppose it is, compared to most popular music but that comes with it having a more meaningful subject matter. I now consider the majority of my interests to be alternative country (aka alt country) or folk. When I share the names of the artists I listen to most people have no idea who I’m talking about. Anyway, here is my list.

Johnny Cash


  • Sam Stone (Written by John Prine)
  • Unwed fathers (written by john prine)
  • The beast in me
  • The man in black
  • The junkie’s prayer


Kris Kristofferson


  • To beat the devil
  • The Promise
  • Me and Bobby Mcgee
  • The heart
  • The pilgrim
  • Darby’s castle


John Prine


  • Bruised orange
  • angel from Montgomery
  • Hello in there
  • Paradise
  • That’s the way the world goes ’round
  • Some humans ain’t human


Jason Isbell


  • Yvette
  • Elephant
  • Relatively easy
  • Speed trap town
  • Outfit
  • Cover me up
  • Codeine
  • Last of my kind
  • If we were vampires


Kasey Musgraves


  • titled John Prine
  • Merry Go Round
  • Fine


The Bottle Rockets


  • Kerosene
  • Welfare Music
  • Wave that flag


Cody Jinks

  • David

Drive by truckers


  • What it means
  • Primer coat
  •  TVA
  • Guns of umpqua


Courtney patton

  • So this is life

Sunny sweeney 

  • Bottle by my bed

Slaid Cleaves

  • Rust belt fields
  • black t-shirt

Son Volt

  • Windfall

Willie nelson

  • Just breathe

Sturgil Simpson

  • Oh Sarah
  • Promise

Do you like this kind of music? If so leave other recommendations in the comments. I’d love to check out your ideas!

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