Amazon Dog Sample Box Review

I bought this box with my own money. There is an affiliate link in this post.

Have you heard about the Amazon sample boxes? They are similar to subscription boxes but they are just one time purchases. When you buy one, you have to pay full price but you will get discounted on a future order of similar items. I heard of a few others, but when I saw the dog box I decided to try it. I always buy my dogs’ food on Amazon. The box costs $12.99 but when you purchase it, you’ll get a $12.99 credit to spend on pet supplies. So my next bag of dog food will ‘pay me back’ for this box, essentially making this box free in the long run. I also always buy my pugs’ flea medication on Amazon so I could earn it back on that purchase, too. Basically, if you purchase anything for your pets regularly on Amazon it is worth it.

The box came with one small container of wet food, two samples of dehydrated food, two kibble samples, a supplement sample and a bag of dog treats. My dogs have sensitive stomach’s but with each food sample being just 1-2 meals, we will use them maybe once a month as a special treat and they should be okay. For us the best item included was the Blue Buffalo Sizzler treats because we use a few treats per day and my dogs don’t seem sensitive to treats. The bag was 6oz in size. These treats are 5.99 on Amazon at the moment, so that is almost half the cost of the box by itself. Even without getting the full value back on your next dog-related order, the box isn’t a terrible value.

amazon dog sample box review

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