Ryan’s Experience With E-Cigarettes

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My boyfriend Ryan was 21 when we started dating. He was a cigarette smoker at that time. A couple years later our state banned smoking in public places such as bars and restaurants. I don’t remember if it was in that legislation or not, but around that time most (all?) public places started requiring that smokers stay a certain number of feet away from the buildings. Shortly thereafter, a lot of smokers that I knew started switching to vaping or using e-cigarettes because those were still allowed in public. Around that time, on my other blog Emily Reviews, I started getting offered e-cigarettes to review. So Ryan gave them a try.

The first few that Ryan tried felt very weak. He explained that while they did give him some sort of sensation, they were perhaps 15% of the “strength” that he was used to from a cigarette. He thought he could only adapt to using those e-cigarettes if he were trying to cut the nicotine habit all together.

However, he later tried a higher-end e-cigarette and it blew him away. He was shocked at how closely it mimicked the sensation he got from cigarettes. From there on out, we knew that not all e-cigarettes or e-liquids were made the same.

Black Note E-cigarette liquid

Black Note is a brand of e-liquid that we haven’t personally tried. However, their brand is all about standing out from the rest, and they even hope to be the best tobacco e-liquid. They even offer a 90 day guarantee. Some of the ways that they strive for quality include:

  • Their flavors are naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves.
  • They contain no ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Things like diacetyl that are in other e-liquids are not found in Black Note.
  • No “gunk factor”. Their liquids are coil-friendly, they do not degrade replaceable coils as quickly as synthetic liquids.
  • No characterizing flavors: they avoid flavors that the FDA says appeal to minors. They have  tobacco-only line-up. Nothing fruity, for example.
  • They contain no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or chemical additives.

What I like best about Black Note is their website admits that not smoking at all is the best option. This combined with how they avoid products that are designed to appeal to minors shows me that they aren’t out to make as much money as possible because the truth is, getting people hooked young and convincing them that it’s not “that bad” is best for tobacco-related profit.

Have you ever tried e-cigarettes or vaping? Did you see a variation of quality from one brand or style to the next like Ryan did?

This is a sponsored post.

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