Why Pugs Make Good Apartment Pets

I’ve heard people recommend waiting to get a dog until you have purchased a house. I understand that sentiment. I have had a harder time finding places to rent because I have pets. In my area, roughly 3/4 of apartments listed say no pets. However, I also expect to be close to 30 before I have the ability to purchase a house and I live in an area with an affordable housing market! For younger adults living in more expensive cities, buying your first house may take even longer, or may not even be a goal that you have.

I don’t at all regret getting my pugs about four years ago, even though they have had to live in apartments with me. They mean the world to me and I am happy to sacrifice having fewer apartment options as a result of having them.

Pugs really do make great apartment dogs. I don’t feel like their quality of life is any lower than it would be if I lived in a house. However, that is not true for other breeds. So I thought I would share why pugs make good apartment pets.

Why pugs make good dogs for apartment dwellers

1. They are small. If you don’t have a whole lot of space that isn’t likely to be a problem. Even as puppies when they are rambunctious, they are too small to tip over end tables or other furniture. A regular baby gate is too high for most pugs to jump over, so they are easily confined to single room to protect the rest of your apartment. No need to worry about them destroying your landlords carpet and not getting your deposit back when you move.

Pug personal bubble


Pugs do not believe in personal bubbles.

2. They are lap dogs. Both of my pugs prefer to be on a lap, or laying right up against my leg all the time. When I do dishes, they literally try to sit on my feet. They don’t really ever just wander around the house in areas where people are not present. As a result, they just don’t need the extra rooms in a house.

3. They need minimal exercise. All dogs need some exercise, but taking a pug on a daily walk is fine.

4. They are not loud or yappy. Most people find very loud barking, howl-style barking or “yappy” high pitched barking the most annoying. Pugs have a more neutral bark. It’s not overly loud like big dogs, and it’s not high pitched like many very small dogs.

5. They are social dogs. They aren’t likely to dislike your neighbors. Mine love saying hi to anyone who stops over whether it’s family or the mail man.



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