My Spring Favorites

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared new products that I have discovered and loved. I thought I would do a fresh one for spring, though some of these I discovered over the winter.

1. Sugar free jello snack cups. Eating a 1200 calorie diet is tough and these 10 calorie snack cups make for a nice treat/snack when I don’t have many calories left over. I am sensitive to fake-sugar taste and these arent’ bad at all. I just wish my local store had more than two flavors. I see they have many more online but they aren’t on shelves in my area.

Solvit furniture grade dog steps

2. Solvit furniture-grade dog steps. These were sent to me for a review on Emily Reviews. They are pretty expensive but Beans uses them with confidence and ease. We owned another style of Solvit brand dog steps in the past which were a bit cheaper and wobbly so the dogs were too scared to use them. Beans cannot jump anymore so these have saved us from lifting her up and down from the couch all day. I want to get another set for our bedroom eventually.

3. Ol Roy pig ears. The 10 pack is $13 and change which is cheaper than the cost per ear that I’ve found anywhere else. I miss the days of PetFlow having ears for .50!  My dogs love the ol roy ones. I do know that ol roy is the walmart store brand which scares me a little bit, as they probably aren’t sourced in the USA although they are made in the US. I’ve been frustrated with how the cost of “chews” has dramatically increased in the past few years online.

4. Walmart brand chicken and stars soup. I’ve always been weird about pasta texture so I have avoided canned chicken noodle soup. I had never really paid attention to chicken and stars soup instead. My boyfriend suggested that I try it because the stars have less of a soft texture like bothers me. I tried Campbells and found that the broth had a weird flavor to it that almost seemed chemically to me. But I also had bought Walmart brand to try and the broth tastes better and the texture isn’t problematic. It also has more pieces of actual chicken than the Campbells can had.

5. N.Y.C BB Creme foundation. I had oily skin as a teenager, and then a few years ago my forehead dried out a lot. I’ve struggled for a while to find a foundation that doesn’t look powdery on my forehead or shiny in other areas. Plus I am pretty cheap when it comes to makeup. This N.Y.C BB cream provides less coverage than other foundations I’ve used, so I have to use a good concealer ot hide acne or discoloration. However, I love how it doesn’t make me look cakey or shiny like most other foundations did. Plus it’s under $5!

6. Lays poppables white cheddar snacks. I’m a chip-a-holic so finding low calorie alternatives to chips is huge for me. Lays poppables come 28 per serving for 150 calories and they taste really good. They are slightly bigger than a quarter and are sort of a 3D oval in shape, but with a hollow center.

7. Pictures of Hollis Woods is the book i’m about finished reading. It’s aimed at kids but I didn’t realize that early on as the cover doesn’t really suggest that. It’s about a 12 year old girl who is in the habit of running away. She’s spent her entire life in foster homes, and unhappy. She finally finds happiness with a new family but struggles to adjust to “normal” due to her past.

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