My Favorite iPad App Games

I’ve always been a fan of puzzle games. I was barely old enough to read when I started enjoying word search puzzles. By 5th grade or so I was into Sudoku. Tetris, Snake, all of those simple games could keep me entertained for hours.

It drives my boyfriend a little crazy, but I really like app games too. I don’t usually think to talk about the games I enjoy but I thought I would share fora ny followers who might enjoy them too.

I love candy crush, and candy crush soda. Of course, doesn’t everyone who likes app games play those?

One of my other favorites is Charm King. It’s one of those ones that has you swap items to create color combinations. It has some fun twists though, and often has special events for different holidays that keep it feeling fresh.

Township was a game that was my favorite for over a year. I’ve finally started to get a little bored with it, but I’d recommend it to anyone who liked farm town or similar games. You are a farmer, but also sort of a mayor. You have a grain mill that you use to make animal food, to feed your farm to produce things like eggs and milk that you use at the bakery to make items to sell. With the money you make you can buy new factories, more animals, and so on.

My newest game is Hidden City. I played this one for the first time due to a sponsored post on my other blog, but I quickly got really into it. It’s mostly “find the object” puzzles with some other puzzles thrown in such as match the cards, a connect-the-jewels by color game, etc.

Those are all of the games that are on my iPad right now. If you like these and others I’d love to hear your recommendations for similar games that I may enjoy.

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