A Life Update

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a diary style life update. None of my blog post ideas for this week were grabbing me passionately so I thought I’d just share what’s new instead.

Blog and job wise things are going really well. I generally expect January through March to be my slowest period of the month, because that has been the case for the past 3 years. However, last month was great income wise and this month has been better than expected as well. It’s unexpected, but it’s great timing to help us pay taxes. Tax season is never fun when you are self-employed!

I’ve been cooking from scratch a lot the past month or so. We bought huge bags of flour, sugar and other basic supplies – butter, vanilla, baking soda, baking powder, etc and we’ve just been trying a lot of recipes. I have made two types of homemade bread. Both turned out okay but I’d like to get a stand mixer as I think that would help. I made chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies as well. It’s a litlte sad but I think between those four recipes that is more “from scratch” cooking than I had done in my life prior. I think the only thing I had truly made from scratch before was Christmas cookies and frosting.

Ryan bought a hair trimmer that came with a set of scissors and such as well. It was only around $20. It was the Wahl Color Pro set. He keeps his hair in an undercut with a comb-over on top. He’s lucky in that his hair looks pretty nice at various stages of growing out. For a couple years now he has went in to get it cut at finger-length on top and a 1 on the sides, then has left it grow for about 2 months before getting the edges trimmed. At times he would let the top get really long – a few inches. So I don’t know why it didn’t occur to us before that I could do the side trimming if we just had a trimmer! After all, it’s just all the same length so it’s not hard at all. However, once I got the sides cut he decided he wanted the top shortened a bit too so I even managed that with scissors. It’s not perfect but it looks pretty good. I am expecting that he’ll go back to the salon to get the top cut as needed but I’m happy to save money on getting the sides trimmed if nothing else. The place he goes charges $15 and then he tips so the kit basically paid for itself in a single use.

Ryan and Frank cuddling

For the past six months or so, Frank (our male pug) hasn’t limped at all. For about a year he would sometimes just wake up with a stiff leg and would limp a lot for a day or two. Then he’d go a few weeks with no issue, and then back to having pain again for a day or two. We knew he had slipped on that shoulder last winter, but we thought it had caused arthritis. The vet says it’s possible that it really just took a full year to heal. He’s 12, and apparently old dogs can take quite a while to heal. Anyway, it’s been really nice to not see him in pain at all anymore.

My sister is getting married in August and I am going to be in the wedding party. She is having each bridesmaid choose their own dress so we will be the same color but miss-matched. It will be really nice to get to choose a dress that suits me best. She’s planning to have her 3 (will be 4) year old wear a dress that looks like a miniature version of her wedding dress. I can’t wait to see how cute it is. Kelsie is really excited about it.


Early this month I had my yearly neurology visit. I plan to update on that in more detail after getting some test results (hopefully soon!).




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