DIY Homemade Doggy Popsicles For Healthy Digestion

dog popsicles for healthy digestion


Warning – this blog post discusses dog poo.

We’ve tried a variety of different dog foods with Frank & Beans. Some of the foods that we’ve tried have resulted in their bathroom habits being very irregular, while others have been much better for their digestive systems. Yet, we’ve never found a food that made them completely regular on it’s own. So, they get  a spoonful of pumpkin puree which does a great job of regulating them because it’s high in fiber. You can find canned pumpkin in the baking aisle near pie fillings but make sure that you get 100% pure pumpkin so that it doesn’t have added sugar and other ingredients.

Because we only use two spoonfuls of pumpkin a day, we used to waste a lot of the can. So I started trying to brainstorm ways that we could stop wasting the pumpkin and I decided to make doggy popsicles using pumpkin which turned out great. Beans isn’t a fan of eating the pumpkin by itself, I usually have to stick a treat in the middle of the spoon of pumpkin for her to try it. So, I took a can of wet dog food that I had on hand and mixed it with a half-can of pumpkin.

dog ice pops

I added about a half of a cup of water to the mixture and then filled up an ice tray (that I found at a yard sale for .25 so I wouldn’t have to use the ones we humans use for our ice). I had a bit left over so I made two bigger popsicles in small bowls that I had. In the smaller bowls I added more water to compare how the popsicles would turn out.

Dog digestion popsiclces

The ice-cube tray popsicles were able to be chewed (while still frozen) by my dogs. If you want your dogs to lick them instead of chewing them, I would recommend adding at least a full cup of water when making these. The bowl-popsicles that I made with more water weren’t able to be chewed so the dogs licked them for probably half an hour before they were completely consumed. These also make a great hot-day long lasting treat for dogs.


Doggy popsicles that aid in healthy digestion:

1 can wet dog food

1/2 can pure pumpkin

1 cup water

Makes about 1.5 ice-cube trays worth.


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