April Pet Expenses

(32.66) 3 pack of frontline

(22.99) 20lbs of diamond naturals lamb meal & rice formula.

$24.97, Dremel. Just arrived yesterday, hoping it will cause less anxiety than traditional nail trimmers.

$8.57, bag of bully bites

Total out of Pocket for April: $89.17

I also got stuff for the dogs through blogging. I am going to keep track of what I get them through blogging but in a separate area. Some things I get through blogging are necessary and I would have purchased if I didn’t get them via blogging and others aren’t.

(47.63 total)(2) Puppia harnesses. $21.64 + $25.99

$10 value. (2) small bags of milkbone brushing chews. Roughly

($24.99) Ecloth dog shammy size small

(roughly $20) Dingo Market cuts jerky 16oz

$6 value – (2) 2.7oz dogswell treat bags. Sponsor says they are a $9.99 value but they lasted like 2 days I would never have paid that much out of pocket for how tiny the bags were. The same brand has 32oz bags for $12-$14 on amazon so these seem really high priced. I would say they are more like a combined $6 value.

Total value from blogging ($108.63)


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