Mimi Green Dog ID Collars With Embroidered Names Review

*I was sent two complimentary dog collars from Mimi Green. All opinions are my own.

I moved to a new apartment in January so the information on my dogs old ID tags was going to become outdated. I never really was a big fan of the tags to begin with because their weight would pull down on my dogs collar which seemed like it would be annoying to them. I thought it was the only way to keep my contact info on my dogs until I found Mimi Green. They offer dog collars with engrave-able buckles so you can put the same info that you would put on a dog tag, right on the buckle of the collar! They offer 3 lines so you could put your address and phone number, address and email address, a name, phone number and email address – it’s really up to you. I really wanted to have my address and phone number on the tag but I also wanted the dogs name on the collars.



When I was a kid a dog wandered to my house that we didn’t recognize as belonging to any of the neighbors. My mom posted online that she had found a missing dog to try and spread the word but Facebook wasn’t a thing back then so it took longer for word to travel. The 2 or so days that we had the dog it would just lay around acting really depressed. Then finally someone emailed my mom after seeing the online posting saying that she was hoping it was her dog and provided the dogs name. We said the name and the dog instantly perked up, it was clearly the right name. Of course, I hope that if my dog’s ever get lost that they’ll find their way back to me right away. However, I know that isn’t necessarily going to happen and I’d like whoever is caring for them to know their names. So when I came across the Metal Engraved Personalized Webbing Dog Collars at Mimi Green, I was really excited. I realized that I could have their names engraved on the collar itself, and then my address and phone number information included on the buckle. This way, all of the information would be on them at all times. Plus, the collars with the engraving are super cute. We’ve been complimented by so many people on them. My dogs are both pugs so to people who don’t know them really well, it can be hard to tell them apart. The collars are a great way to remind people which dog is which. Plus, my dogs lay next to each other a lot and its so cute to see their coordinating collars next to each other.

Mimi Greens Personalized Embroidered Collar

The collars at Mimi Green come in lots of patterns and colors, we went with Raspberry for Beans and Black for Frank. There are lots of fonts to choose from as well. We went with bradley hand as the font. The collar widths vary based on the length of the collars. My dogs have 15.5 and 16 inch collars and their collars are 1 inch thick.

mimi green personalized dog collars review

Frank has a habit of scratching a lot – we haven’t really decided if this is a behavioral thing, an allergy symptom or if he has fleas that the vet can’t find (even though we use frontline plus on time each month). One day his nail did catch ahold of one of the strings in the ‘f’ on his collar and loosened it a little but because the embroidery is several threads thick, you can’t really even tell. I have tried to be really diligent about making him stop itching as soon as I catch it though. The embroidery is really tight against the collar so I don’t think there’s anything that the company could really do to prevent it from happening, any embroidery that gets scratched could potentially get damaged.

The buckle on our collars is a metal and plastic hybrid. The outer piece that is engraved is metal while the piece on the other end of the collar that slips inside the outer shell is black plastic. I’d never owned a hybrid buckle before but it seems to snap together just fine and feels sturdy. The inside being plastic makes the buckle less heavy which is great for smaller dogs.


I like these collars more than any other collar I’ve ever owned for Frank & Beans. They’re so cute and I love that the provide peace of mind as well. With embroidery, the collars are $39 a piece which I find reasonable because they aren’t just super adorable collars, they also prevent you from having to buy an ID tag. In the past, the ID tags that I purchased were $20, so I look at it as $20 of the $39 being the contact information and then $19 for the collar itself and I’d absolutely pay $19 for a collar that I like this much.




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