Meet My Pugs Frank And Beans

Meet Frank:

Frank the pug

Frank was 8 years old as of July 2013.

He is a male dog.

Frank is a big pug – 14′ from neck to tail, and about 24 pounds.


Frank is very barrel chested, he has a unique walk as a result. Sort of like a car with front wheel drive – his walk is “all chest/shoulders” with his back end just trailing behind.

frank the pug wearing a coat

While Frank is very bonded to me and acts anxious when I leave, he’s also very close with my boyfriend Ryan. He LOVES getting attention from Ryan (more so than from me). His tail goes crazy whenever Ryan says his name. I get the feeling that Ryan is the ‘cool’ parent and I am the practical one, in Frank’s eyes.


Frank loves to put his chin on anything and everything, including Beans.


He has a very expressive face & eyes – he has very different expressions for when he is sad, worried, excited, content, tired, ashamed, and annoyed.

Frank loves to play tug-o-war with toys.

frank the pug bully stick

He loves bully sticks and cheese.

Frank loves “furry” blankets with a lot of texture.

Frank’s biggest fear is having his nails trimmed.

Frank often grooms Beans.


Frank loves food. He comes running anytime he hears noise coming from the kitchen.


Meet Beans:


Beans is a female.

She was 9 years old as of July 2013.


Beans is smaller than Frank – 13.5 inches from neck to tail and about 20lbs.

Beans has a lot of excess skin that makes her appear bigger than she really is.

Beans the pug Sitting Outside

Beans has a very short snout, much shorter than Frank’s.

Beans The Pug Wearing A Coat

Beans is an anxious dog – she is very attached to me. She would prefer to be physically touching me at all times. Her biggest fear seems to be being left alone.


Beans doesn’t handle the heat very well, it doesn’t take much for her to start panting heavily.

Beans likes to play tug but she also loves to chase toys/play fetch. She will also run after any critter that runs away from her (Cats, possums, birds, even raccoons that are bigger than she is!)


Beans’ favorite types of treats seem to be chicken based. She will take a chicken rawhide strip over a bully stick sometimes!



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