Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Without Pain?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, geneticist, etc. This is my personal experience iwth getting an official geneticist diagnosis for ehlers danlos syndrome without chronic pain.

A while back I shared a blog post about my diagnosis process with ehlers danlos syndrome. It seems to me that more and more people are learning about and getting diagnosed with ehlers danlos syndrome. I have no idea of that is statistically true, it just seems like I am hearing about it … Read the rest

Are Hedgehogs A Good Pet For Kids?

I get asked about hedgehogs as pets for kids pretty regularly. People find me through my other hedgehog blog posts such as:

Must-have products before bringing a hedgehog home

How to care for a pet hedgehog

Where to buy a pet hedgehog

How To socialize a pet hedgehog

They learn all about the products they need for a pet hedgehog, how to socialize their hedgehog, and how to take care of their hedgehog. What they are left wondering is whether … Read the rest

2017 Blogging Resolutions

2016 has gone by so quickly. I have read before that writing down goals increases the odds that you’ll succeed at meeting those goals. I am going to share my 2017 blogging goals here so I can reflect at the end of next year to see how things went.

For Emily Reviews:

  • I want to keep up our current blog post rate as a team.
  • I want to add in more content outside of reviews or giveaways. I am not
Read the rest

A Day In The Life Of A Professional Blogger

Many people refer to people who blog for a living as professional bloggers. I blog for a living. My job is being a blogger. It has been my full time job for about two years now. Still, I’m not quite used to the title of professional blogger.

I hear from friends or family members that my job seems awesome. I get to work from home. I get “free” products sent to me from brands. I get paid to write blog … Read the rest

Why I Splurge On My Significant Other For Christmas

I’ve seen multiple articles circulating around Facebook about the importance of not making Christmas about material goods. I understand that sentiment. Many of these are centered around children, and trying to teach them to be thankful for what they have. However, I’ve also seen some discussions about gift giving between adults. I was recently talking to a friend who said that she only gives her boyfriend things he needs, such as socks or gloves, or tools for his job. She … Read the rest

5 Completely Painless Low-Calorie Food Swaps

I decided to work on trying to lose weight a little over a year ago. My boyfriend was ready to make a lifestyle change and I wanted to support him by joining in myself. He was on a specific plan (Nutrisystem) but it required that he purchase a few grocery items to supplement the food they sent him. I started looking around online to find low calorie swaps to make it easier to cut calories. I saw all kinds of … Read the rest

Gifts For People Who Have Everything And Need Nothing

We all have at least one person who is really hard to shop for. I tend to mentally group hard-to-buy-for people into two groups. People who have everything, and people who don’t need anything.

People who have everything are usually people who have quite a bit of discretionary income. When there is something they want, they just buy it without thinking twice. This leaves them without a list of items that they want and don’t own. The other group would … Read the rest

Sweepers – How To Help Bloggers Provide More Giveaways

On my other blog Emily Reviews, I run a lot of giveaways. As a result, I have some sweepers or sweepstakes addicts who enter my giveaways and occasionally email or private message me. They usually say things like “Thanks for posting giveaways so frequently!” or “I love your blog, you have GREAT giveaways!” etc.

I really enjoy hearing from my readers, whether it’s just a ‘thank you’ for a giveaway, or a deep, personal response to something else that I … Read the rest