Is Blogging For A Living Right For You?

There is a ton of content on the internet about how to blog for a living. It is possible to do. I have been a full time blogger for about three years now, though the first year I didn’t make the income of someone working full time (even at minimum wage). Now my yearly income is about that of someone earning $10 an hour, full time. While I have considered blogging my job for three years, I started blogging 8 … Read the rest

A Life Update

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a diary style life update. None of my blog post ideas for this week were grabbing me passionately so I thought I’d just share what’s new instead.

Blog and job wise things are going really well. I generally expect January through March to be my slowest period of the month, because that has been the case for the past 3 years. However, last month was … Read the rest

Costs With Home Rental To Consider Before Moving

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I’ve lived in four different apartments over the past six years or so. I’ve learned more than I really ever cared to know about renting! However, some of what I have learned has helped me to make better choices each time we move. In large part this came down to budgeting differences between apartments. My boyfriend & I have always stuck to the lower end of our budget range when moving just to … Read the rest

Epilepsy And Alcohol

Last week I had my annual neurologist appointment. I have well controlled epilepsy so I have only have to go once a year. It’s been almost 2.5 years since my last seizure. When I first had seizures, the hospital I went to afterwards told me that alcohol is known to lower the seizure threshold. As a result, they told me I should avoid alcohol. To date, I haven’t drank since I was diagnosed with epilepsy, roughly 2.5 years.

My dad … Read the rest

Pinching Pennies – How We Survived On 12k A Year & Got Through Our Toughest Financial Years

I graduated high school in 2009. My boyfriend and I were both financially independent from our parents, though he is a few years older than I am. Around 2010 or 2011 were our tightest financial year or two by far.  My boyfriend was laid off from his factory job for part of that time period, and we were both trying to get through college. I was blogging but I was barely making any money. While we are still not quite … Read the rest

Tips For Coping With Facebook Politics And Avoiding Conflict

I’ve been seeing a lot of people writing about how tired they are of Facebook content being so focused on politics right now. I have felt that way myself. I’ve been seeing this sentiment expressed by people on both sides of politics. I’ve been thinking about this concept of everything being so black and white and intense right now, and how to stay calm. I’ve come up with a few thoughts that have helped me quite a bit the last … Read the rest

Our Flexible Food Budget

I first got serious about living frugally and saving money about 5.5 years ago. I was in college and it money was tight. I quickly realized that while most of our bills such as rent, car insurance, and so on were not flexible at all. However, a few bills were We could use sweaters and blankets so that we could keep the thermostat down. We could turn off lights or appliances that weren’t in use to save on electricity. However, … Read the rest

9 Years Of Dating

It just hit me on New Years Eve that it was the 10th one that I have spent with my boyfriend. We hit our 9 year dating anniversary back in October. We spent that first new years eve together after dating for just 2 months, and we’ve been together for each one since.

This whole year (until our anniversary) we will be celebrating things for the 10th time. 10 seems like a significant number. So the fact that we’re still … Read the rest