Hair Breakage And Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Last spring I noticed that I had a lot of “frizzies” suddenly. My entire life I have considered myself to be really lucky when it comes to my hair. It’s always appeared silky and shiny and has been tangle-free and frizz-free regardless of the products I use. That seemed to change almost overnight.

I googled looking up causes of frizz or hair breakage and found answers like using heat (blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron) on your hair too … Read the rest

Why Pugs Make Good Apartment Pets

I’ve heard people recommend waiting to get a dog until you have purchased a house. I understand that sentiment. I have had a harder time finding places to rent because I have pets. In my area, roughly 3/4 of apartments listed say no pets. However, I also expect to be close to 30 before I have the ability to purchase a house and I live in an area with an affordable housing market! For younger adults living in more expensive … Read the rest

My Spring Favorites

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared new products that I have discovered and loved. I thought I would do a fresh one for spring, though some of these I discovered over the winter.

1. Sugar free jello snack cups. Eating a 1200 calorie diet is tough and these 10 calorie snack cups make for a nice treat/snack when I don’t have many calories left over. I am sensitive to fake-sugar taste and … Read the rest

Top 10 Items To Buy Used

I grew up frequenting thrift stores and shopping at yard sales or garage sales. It’s a hobby that both of my parents enjoy. I enjoy the hunt for something unique as well as the savings that can be gathered by finding a used, cheap version of something you were going to otherwise buy new. While I enjoy buying used, I make a point of buying some new and others used. I tend to buy new when I think an item … Read the rest

Anti-Epileptic Drugs and Kidney Function

I went in this week for my yearly well visit with my primary care doctor. I’ve been on Keppra (an anti-epileptic drug) since November of 2014. I was in for my yearly well visit in March of 2016. Yet it was just at this visit this past week that my doctor told me that she likes to do a yearly blood test on patients who are on anti-consultants. They can be hard on the liver or kidneys.

I don’t mind … Read the rest

12 Ways To Make Money As A Blogger

When people first learn that I blog for a living, their first question is often “How does that work?” Meaning – how do you get paid. I’ve shared how much of my income comes from various sources in my blog post How I Make Money From My Blog. While that is a good example of the breakdown of my income sources, not all bloggers have a similar set-up. Some rely much more heavily on other income sources. I thought … Read the rest

My Favorite iPad App Games

I’ve always been a fan of puzzle games. I was barely old enough to read when I started enjoying word search puzzles. By 5th grade or so I was into Sudoku. Tetris, Snake, all of those simple games could keep me entertained for hours.

It drives my boyfriend a little crazy, but I really like app games too. I don’t usually think to talk about the games I enjoy but I thought I would share fora ny followers who might … Read the rest

Do Pugs Stink All The Time?

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One of the questions that I get asked frequently as a pug owner is – “Do pugs stink all the time?” or “Does your pug stink? I heard pugs stink.”

I’m not really sure where this idea comes from but I’ve been asked that by at least half a dozen people in the past couple of years which seems unusually high. I don’t know why that idea gets passed around but I thought … Read the rest