Calorie Counting The Easy Way – Long Term

It’s been almost two years since my boyfriend and I both decided to work on losing weight. Ryan had been unhappy with his size for a long time.I was 138 pounds and 5’1. I had stayed in about the 125-128 from age 12 to 23 or so. Even back then I wanted to be slightly smaller but after gaining 10 pounds I was truly unhappy with my appearance. I’m very short so 10 pounds is rather visible. For the first … Read the rest

University Of Michigan Dental Clinic Experience

I live a few hours from Ann Arbor, but the low-cost clinic in my area has a pretty bad reputation. I had heard better things about the University of Michigan dental clinic so I decided to try making the drive. Overall I’ve been pretty happy with my choice.

If I were to sum up the experience in a sentence it would be – the care is great, but it is a slow process.

When you start attending you will be … Read the rest

Empty The Shelters Free Pet Adoption Days

In Michigan a few times a year I start seeing my friends sharing Facebook posts by various local shelters, talking about empty the shelter days. They are days where all the pets that are in a shelter can be adopted free of charge. The charge is covered by some group or company, and the goal is to have the shelter completely empty by the end of the event.

I’ve watched a few of these events where they were successful and … Read the rest

Apartment Building Etiquette

After living in apartment complexes and duplexes for about seven years I’m still surprised by how many people don’t understand basic apartment complex etiquette. Whether you are in an apartment complex, a duplex or a condo – you are sharing walls and close space with other people. As a result, you should be mindful of how your life is impacting those in your surroundings.

Basic apartment complex etiquette:

1. Watch your noise level. When you are sharing walls, a yard, … Read the rest

Garage sale organization tips

Both sides of my family enjoy going to garage sales. I remember going to sales as young as four or five. I don’t think I have missed my areas city-wide sales in several years. My mom had yard sales at her house when I was a kid, but this year was my first doing my own garage sale. Now that I’ve have experience on both sides of the sale I thought I would share my advice for organizing your garage … Read the rest

Hair Breakage And Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Last spring I noticed that I had a lot of “frizzies” suddenly. My entire life I have considered myself to be really lucky when it comes to my hair. It’s always appeared silky and shiny and has been tangle-free and frizz-free regardless of the products I use. That seemed to change almost overnight.

I googled looking up causes of frizz or hair breakage and found answers like using heat (blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron) on your hair too … Read the rest

Why Pugs Make Good Apartment Pets

I’ve heard people recommend waiting to get a dog until you have purchased a house. I understand that sentiment. I have had a harder time finding places to rent because I have pets. In my area, roughly 3/4 of apartments listed say no pets. However, I also expect to be close to 30 before I have the ability to purchase a house and I live in an area with an affordable housing market! For younger adults living in more expensive … Read the rest

My Spring Favorites

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared new products that I have discovered and loved. I thought I would do a fresh one for spring, though some of these I discovered over the winter.

1. Sugar free jello snack cups. Eating a 1200 calorie diet is tough and these 10 calorie snack cups make for a nice treat/snack when I don’t have many calories left over. I am sensitive to fake-sugar taste and … Read the rest