My First Sleep Deprived EEG

When I visited a regular family doctor the day after my first seizure, he had recommended that I get a sleep deprived EEG done. I had a second seizure just two days later, and was started on medication. I was also referred to a neurologist, so I expected to get in with a neurologist who would probably order a sleep deprived EEG at his hospital, and then my plan was to cancel the first sleep deprived EEG that I had … Read the rest

Adult Hedgehog Lover Gift Ideas



1. DuoLe Square Hedgehog Throw Pillow

Kikkerland Hedgehog Dryer Balls


Hedgehog Kitchen Timer

Hedgehog Figurine

Women’s hedgehog slippers

Hedgehog cheese grater


blue hedgehog Washi Masking Tape

Sienna Sky Hedgehog Earrings

Adult Herman the Hedgehog Hat


Bath & body works Mr. Hedgehog Pocketbac

Nerdy Hedgehog Shoulder Bag


Hedgehog bangle bracelet



Hedgehog pencil holder 



Hedgehog coin purse 


Natural hedgehog figurine 


Bamboo hedgehog earringsRead the rest

My second epileptic seizure

I’ve decided that a very necessary part of my series on seizures/epilepsy will be about emotions. That will be coming up at some point in the future.

I’ve been putting off this blog post for quite a while. Part of why I have put is off has been because I don’t want to re-hash the situation in my mind. Another reason is the fact that my memory of the whole 10 day period from about a day before my first … Read the rest

Influenster Bella VoxBox Review

*Influenster provided me with a Bella VoxBox. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been a member of influenster for over a year now. You don’t have to be a blogger to sign up, you just have to have social media accounts. You can apply for various “VoxBox” offers. If you get approved they’ll send you a box with some products to try out – completely free. The boxes usually have a theme, and once you test out the items you’ll … Read the rest

Guide For Moving Into An Apartment Or Rental House

When you’re considering moving into an apartment or rental house, whether its your first apartment or if you’re a renting pro, there are several aspects of moving that you could consider. I’ve separated them into three main categories – budgeting, red flags and to-dos.


Making sure that you can afford the apartment is important. Many budgeting experts suggest having your rent or mortgage payment be 30% or less of your monthly budget. So if your monthly take home pay … Read the rest

$17 for 26 Dog Chews – Haul & Review

*There is an affiliate link in this blog post.

When I adopted my two pugs about two years ago, they were used to getting rawhide chews. I researched online and quickly learned that rawhide chews are dangerous for dogs because they aren’t easy for dogs to digest. If dogs don’t chew their rawhide into tiny pieces before swallowing, the larger pieces can cause blockages in their digestive track and require surgery. So, I started researching alternatives. You can see my … Read the rest

Gift Guide: Pug Lover Gift Ideas

If you know a pug lover (or even someone with a pug obsession) there are tons of unique pug-themed gifts out there, if you know how to search them out. I am pug obsessed myself so I’ve been keeping track of pug stuff that I want to someday own and decided I’d compile a list of gift ideas for anyone out there who might need some gift ideas for pug lovers.

1. Spinning Hat Pug Tea and Coffee Mug

2. … Read the rest

Geneticist Diagnosis For Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – What To Expect

A few years ago I heard that my half-sister had been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Snydrome, which is a genetic condition. She believed that it came from our father’s side of the family instead of her mother’s. I did a quick google search and saw that it included symptoms that I had such as “double jointed” fingers and stretchy skin.

I wondered if it was possible that I had the condition, but I was healthy overall and my stretchy skin … Read the rest