Frank & Beans 1 year Furever Family Day

Today, July 15th, makes a whole year since we drove across town to pick up Frank and Beans, my two pugs. It’s our one year furever family day. If you haven’t already, feel free to check out our pug adoption story blog post to learn how it all came about.

A few weeks ago, my pet hedgehog Henry passed away. I went to fill his food dish one day and realized that he hadn’t eaten much since the last time … Read the rest

9.5 Months After Adopting The Pugs – A First

Less than two months ago I shared our pug adoption story. In it, I explained that when they were with us for about 2 months they began to play with toys with us. I said that since then, things had always been the same. I had thought that it took about 2 months for them to completely relax around us and be themselves.

Until yesterday. Yesterday, I was cooking and Ryan was playing with the pugs. Suddenly there was this … Read the rest

Where’s The Kitty? Beans The Pug Tries To Find Her

Yesterday, Ryan was playing a video with a cat meowing in it, these videos are what followed. Beans LOVES to chase kitties (and anything else that runs). We had a good laugh watching her try to find the cat.

& part 2:
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Frank And Beans The Pugs – Our Dog Adoption Story (part 2)

This is the second part of our Pug adoption story. Click the link below to see read part one first.

Frank And Beans The Pugs – Our Dog Adoption Story (part 1)

I had heard that bringing home a pet usually goes one of two ways. Sometimes there is a “honey moon” period where the pet is really well behaved for a while and then starts being naughty. The other thing I’ve heard is that when dogs struggle with the … Read the rest

Meet My Pugs Frank And Beans

Meet Frank:

Frank was 8 years old as of July 2013.

He is a male dog.

Frank is a big pug – 14′ from neck to tail, and about 24 pounds.

Frank is very barrel chested, he has a unique walk as a result. Sort of like a car with front wheel drive – his walk is “all chest/shoulders” with his back end just trailing behind.

While Frank is very bonded to me and acts anxious when I leave, he’s … Read the rest