My Pugs Favorite Toys

There are affiliate links in this post. I was sent some of these dog toys for review in the past on my other blog, Emily Reviews. However, I was not asked to include them in this post. In fact, the brands have no idea I am posting about these toys for this post. These are just my pugs favorite toys toys and a couple of them happened to be sent to us for review back in the day.

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Is A Pug Right For Me?

Disclaimer: there is an affiliate link in this post.

Pugs are a breed of dog that almost everyone can immediately picture in their minds. Their smushed faces and big eyes make an impression in your mind and make them pretty easy to remember. If you’re considering getting a pug, it’s a good idea to read up on common pug behaviors as well as their health care and emotional needs to make sure that the typical pug would be a good … Read the rest

Gift Guide: Pug Lover Gift Ideas

If you know a pug lover (or even someone with a pug obsession) there are tons of unique pug-themed gifts out there, if you know how to search them out. I am pug obsessed myself so I’ve been keeping track of pug stuff that I want to someday own and decided I’d compile a list of gift ideas for anyone out there who might need some gift ideas for pug lovers.

1. Spinning Hat Pug Tea and Coffee Mug

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Saving Money On Dog Ownership & Care

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If you’re working on living on a budget, paying off debt or living a frugal lifestyle it’s unlikely that your dog care costs will come to mind early on when thinking about your budget. I know that I spoil my dogs more than some families, but I didn’t realize how much the costs really add up until I sat down and wrote it all down – and that’s with neither of my … Read the rest

Frank The Pug Helps Himself To A Bully Stick

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Our First Unexpected Vet Visit

We had our first unexpected vet visit this summer. While reading up about getting a dog (before we had any) I read a lot about the cost of a dog. I wanted to make sure we could afford one before we brought a dog home. It was clear to me from reading articles that the biggest factor in how expensive or affordable a dog is, is how often they require vet care. For example, my neighbor is a vet tech … Read the rest

10 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat

With any dog, it’s important to be conscious of how well (or how poorly) they handle various temperatures. With my senior pugs, it’s extremely important to be conscious of the heat because they overheat very easily. They start panting before humans even feel uncomfortable. So on days when it’s uncomfortably warm for humans, we have to be careful to make sure they don’t overheat. Since bringing Frank & Beans home over a year ago, we’ve learned several ways that help … Read the rest

DIY Homemade Doggy Popsicles For Healthy Digestion


Warning – this blog post discusses dog poo.

We’ve tried a variety of different dog foods with Frank & Beans. Some of the foods that we’ve tried have resulted in their bathroom habits being very irregular, while others have been much better for their digestive systems. Yet, we’ve never found a food that made them completely regular on it’s own. So, they get  a spoonful of pumpkin puree which does a great job of regulating them because it’s high … Read the rest