March 2016 Favorites & Updates

Books: I finished The Resurrection of Johnny Cash. I really enjoyed the end of it more than the first half or so. The book advertises itself about being about Johnny from the 90s to the end of his life but it takes until about mid-book to get to that part of his life. Once I finished that I started Hope’s Boy by Andrew Bridge. I found it in a goodwill bin a while back. It’s about a boy who grew … Read the rest

Annual Epilepsy Appointment

I was officially a year seizure-free as of November 1st. When I started seeing my neurologist at the University of Michigan I was told they see patients quarterly for the first year after diagnosis. I had to cancelled and reschedule my spring/summer appointment due to vehicle trouble so I only had 3 appointments in my first year. However, I was excited to have an appointment in February that was considered my 12 month appointment because I knew there was a … Read the rest

February 2016 Favorites & Updates

Books: No book updates this month. I haven’t yet finished the book I started at the end of January as it’s been a slow month for reading for me. I am more than halfway done so hopefully it will be finished for next month’s update.

Shows: Outside of Teen Mom I haven’t been watching any shows that are currently on new seasons. I’ve been really slow with watching Teen Mom because for the first half of February my ankle was … Read the rest

January 2016 Favorites & Life Updates

One of my goals for this blog for 2016 is to post a monthly favorite’s update. I follow a lot of youtubers who post their monthly favorites and I thought it would be neat to do the same in blog form. Most month’s I get a lot of new products from my other blog (Emily Reviews) and while I like most of them, only a few stand out as big favorites most of the time. Here we go!


This … Read the rest

How To REALLY Lose Weight & Keep it Off This Year Diet & Exercise

If you haven’t already seen it, see my ‘mentally preparing for weight loss‘ blog post for my thoughts on how to make sure you’re really ready to lose weight and keep it off.

My goal for this blog post is to share my thoughts, advice and just general experience for how to lose weight in a sensible and not yucky or painful way. When you want to make your diet and fitness routine something you can stick with … Read the rest

How To REALLY Lose Weight & Keep it Off This Year – Mentally Preparing

How To REALLY Lose Weight & Keep it Off This Year – what you need to know and understand to truly make the change.

My boyfriend has lost 45 pounds since July.  He’s been asked tons of questions by friends and family members about his weight loss. I thought I would share his thoughts and advice on making a serious commitment to weight loss seems how so many people are working on new year’s resolutions to lose weight right now. … Read the rest

Epilepsy or Seizures & The Emotional Roller Coaster

My dad had his first seizure when I was 10 years old. I remember being confused by his reaction to his developing epilepsy, and my family members felt the same way. He seemed to want to ignore what had happened, and he seemed to be in a mixture of complete denial while also being aware of it and just not caring enough or wanting to be careful enough. I was terrified for him. He lived alone, and I knew that … Read the rest

Hedgehog Themed Gifts For Babies & Kids

*There are affiliate links in this blog post.


Taggies Petals Hedgehog Blanket


Baby Aspen Hedgehugs Bib

3 Sprouts hedgehog storage bin

Sleepyville Critters Hedgehog purse

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug Hedgehog ride on toy

Jellycat Huxtable Hedgehog

Hedgehog’s Magic Tricks

PlushCraft Hedgehog Pillow craft kit


Harry Hedgehog Blankie

Harvey the Hedgehog Mylar Balloon

HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket hedgehog

Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag Hedgehog


Milkbarn Read the rest