Are Dog Diapers Or Baby Diapers Better For Pugs?

Do dog diapers or baby diapers work best for dogs

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Beans is 14 years old, and has been prone to urinary tract infections since we got her when she was 9 years old. Early on she only had 1 or 2 per year, and the last year or so, she’s had them almost non-stop. We have been working closely with our vet and are now trying hormone pills to hopefully assist. However, when she has UTI’s she sometimes has accidents. It’s sad because … Read the rest

Amazon Dog Sample Box Review

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Have you heard about the Amazon sample boxes? They are similar to subscription boxes but they are just one time purchases. When you buy one, you have to pay full price but you will get discounted on a future order of similar items. I heard of a few others, but when I saw the dog box I decided to try it. I always buy … Read the rest

Frank And Beans – Four Years In

As I type this, we are two days shy of the four year anniversary for when I bought home Frank and Beans. It was so hot and humid. Their previous owner gave them to us wearing collars, so we had to stop to buy harnesses (I knew collars were unsafe for pugs). Ryan ran into the store for less than 5 minutes while I stayed in the car (With A/c on) with the pugs, but they were panting so heavily … Read the rest

Can Pugs Cope With Hot Weather In The Summer?

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Last summer we went to the Grand Canyon the last week of June. It was something like 118 degrees! With us being native to Michigan, we had never experienced weather over about 105 or so before, and we were surprised that 118 didn’t feel even worse. The whole “Dry air” thing definitely makes a difference but make no mistake – 100+ degrees is hot no matter how humid it is!

Anyway, we … Read the rest

Empty The Shelters Free Pet Adoption Days

In Michigan a few times a year I start seeing my friends sharing Facebook posts by various local shelters, talking about empty the shelter days. They are days where all the pets that are in a shelter can be adopted free of charge. The charge is covered by some group or company, and the goal is to have the shelter completely empty by the end of the event.

I’ve watched a few of these events where they were successful and … Read the rest

Why Pugs Make Good Apartment Pets

I’ve heard people recommend waiting to get a dog until you have purchased a house. I understand that sentiment. I have had a harder time finding places to rent because I have pets. In my area, roughly 3/4 of apartments listed say no pets. However, I also expect to be close to 30 before I have the ability to purchase a house and I live in an area with an affordable housing market! For younger adults living in more expensive … Read the rest

Do Pugs Stink All The Time?

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One of the questions that I get asked frequently as a pug owner is – “Do pugs stink all the time?” or “Does your pug stink? I heard pugs stink.”

I’m not really sure where this idea comes from but I’ve been asked that by at least half a dozen people in the past couple of years which seems unusually high. I don’t know why that idea gets passed around but I thought … Read the rest

Adopting Two Dogs – What Surprised Me

I read a lot of information about getting a dog before I brought home my two pugs. I had expected to get a puppy, though. A lot of what I had read focused on getting a puppy, instead of adopting adult dogs. I read so many posts that warned about things like a “honeymoon period” that fades after a few days, and then a much more difficult period with problematic behavior. I had read about how some dogs don’t bond … Read the rest